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Posted by Pulse Administration on April 3, 2010

Kim Kardashian – The Armenian Interview

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by Harout Kalandjian

Here at Armenian Pulse we have been getting constant email requests to interview Kim Kardashian. She is by far our top requested celebrity. I’m happy to announce that Kim has agreed to take some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions. We have all seen Kim on her hit reality series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, or heard all the gossip stories in the rags. Often times, with the media running wild on just the gossip, other relevant or interesting aspects of celebrities lives get overlooked. Having spent considerable time on blogs and forums, I noticed the same questions were consistently being raised on “How Armenian is Kim?” “Does Kim speak any Armenian?”, “Is Kim really Armenian?”. So, for this interview, we will ask her questions related to her Armenian heritage and history in hopes to find out just a bit more about the subject.

Kim on the Armenian Genocide

Along with the success of her many projects and ventures, she is a consummate doner to charity. Kim is a Dream Foundation ambassador which grants last wishes to terminally ill adults and does regular sales on Ebay to generate donations for the charity. She also recently completed PSA’s about the political plight in Burma and Breast Cancer awareness and also participated in a photo shoot promoting the “Until There’s A Cure” bracelet dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS by raising awareness and funds to combat the pandemic. In 2009, she helped raise more than $90,000 for the Etchmiadzin Children’s Fund (EFC). For two decades, the EFC – under the auspices of Catholicos Karekin II and the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America – has raised funds to help build an orphanage and help children in need in Armenia, “Anything we can do to lend our support to our heritage we gladly do” Kim said.

So without further ado here is our interview with Kim, asking the questions we felt our readers most wanted to know the answers to. We hope you enjoy it!

Kim Kardashian

Hello Kim, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions. First of all, how are you and what are you up to?

I am great! Enjoying spending time in Miami with my sisters filming their show “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami“!

There is a ton of information about you, but one small fact remains unanswered. We are hoping you can shed some light on your Armenian background and how it has shaped your life.

I am 4th generation Armenian, born and raised in Los Angeles. My great Grandparents from my fathers side came to LA from Armenia right before the Genocide. My great Grandfather was Armenian and my great Grandmother Turkish-Armenian. My mother is English, so I am half Armenian, but, I was raised with a huge Armenian influence, always hearing stories of Armenia, eating Armenian food and celebrating Armenian holidays!

Armenian food is the best! What’s your favorite dish?

Lamajune with string cheese!

That’s an interesting combination I’ll have to try 🙂

Ever since you made a name for yourself, The Armenian youth have literally been obsessed with you. In all my time on forums and blogs, your name is constantly being mentioned. At Armenian Pulse, we have received so many email requests to interview you, clearly you have an Armenian fan base out there that is really proud of your accomplishments.

This makes me so happy! My father would be so proud that we talk about our Armenian heritage! My dad used to always tell us to never remove the ian from our last name like some Armenians that came to the U.S. He was so proud to be Armenian and his biggest regret was not sending us to Armenian school! I am so proud to be Armenian and so happy that I can identify with my Armenian fans!

You didn’t go to Armenian school, but do you speak any Armenian?

Unfortunately I don’t speak Armenian, I wish I did!

You have no idea how much buzz was created on the fact that you mention Armenia as your location on your Twitter page.

People ask all the time if I am from there and unfortunately I have never been to Armenia, but it’s my dream to go there for sure!

Many Armenians weren’t actually born in Armenia, I was born in Beirut Lebanon for example and have never made it to Armenia either. Are there any plans in the near future to visit Armenia?

I am trying to go with my “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” cameras so that we can show the world what Armenia is like! It’s my dream to go to Armenia!

I’m sure the Armenian Community would love to see that happen! We recently saw a youtube video made by Perez Hilton and it was titled “Little Armenia: In Search Of Kim Kardashian” It was a hilarious video where Perez Hilton had a mission of getting an interview with you, how did you feel when they surprised you at one of your signing events?

I thought it was hilarious! It was like Borat style! I totally have a sense of humor and laughed so hard at that video when I saw it!

There was a segment in your hit reality T.V. series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” where your mom was leading a very famous Armenian dance called the “Sourj Bar” at your sister Khloe’s wedding. How much, if any has your Armenian side shaped who you are?

That dance was so hilarious! I was hoping I did it correctly! Thinking about it, growing up with a strong Armenian influence has really shaped who I am!

Obviously your look is very important to your career as a model, spokesperson and pop culture icon. You definitely have the Armenian look, the big dark eyes, long black hair and great figure. How proud are you of your looks which can be attributed to not only your parents but that Armenian gene?

It’s so funny because everyone assumes I have had plastic surgery to get the body I have but I always say, have u seen Armenian women before?! LOL I love the exotic look of Armenian women and am proud to be Armenian!

It’s great you are so proud of your heritage. Armenians are well known for being great in business, Your father was no different, We all know that Robert Kardashian was a very successful and respected businessman/lawyer and that gene has passed on to you, You are literally involved in every aspect of entertainment and fashion, how and when do you find the time and energy for everything you are involved in?

I am a true business woman at heart! I’m a workaholic and I am so passionate about every project I am working on! I love diving into different projects weather it’s my perfume, tv show, shoe company or fitness projects I’m working on! I make the time!

Well, you’re certainly doing the right things. Growing up, what’s the best advice your father has given you concerning keeping your Armenian heritage alive?

My father always taught us to never forget where we came from. We grew up learning so much about our Armenian ancestors that we will teach what we have learned to our kids one day!

We know you have to go, we want to thank you very much for giving us your time and a bit of your history. I’m sure once this interview gets featured, Your Armenian fan base will have learned a bit more about your Armenian background.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me!

You’re welcome Kim, Before we go, I would like to mention your newest venture, Your new fragrance branded after your name “KIM KARDASHIAN” just hit the market, What can women expect out of your new line of fragrance?

It’s a very voluptuous scent, very sexy and sweet!

The new fragrance by Kim Kardashian is now available exclusively at! For a limited time, you get the double K logo tote bag as a free gift, check it out!


“Khloe, Rob and I went to meet Archbishop Hovnan Derderian of Armenia! There was a charity event for the orphanages in Armenia and we went to support. Anything we can do to lend our support to our heritage we gladly do! We are dying to go to Armenia! Hopefully this year we will go! No one in my family has been back, and it’s really important to me that we go!The Armenian orphanage foundation raised $90,000 the night we attended their event! We are so proud!!!”


“This picture was taken at the Armenian restaurant, Carousel in Hollywood that we would always go to growing up! This particular photo was taken on my birthday!I think I was turning 19, I can’t exactly remember! No matter how big of a birthday party we would have, the family would always get together for a special B-day dinner at Carousel! Armenian food is my absolute favorite food on the planet!”


“This old school pic is of me and my grandmother. We always called her “Nana.” She is my Dad’s mother and her real name is Helen Kardashian. She passed away earlier this year… She was your typical Armenian grandmother: always cooking the best Armenian meals, our favorite, which was this Armenian breakfast called “beeshe”! I’m not sure if that’s even how you spell it but it’s basically a fried pancake with lots of sugar on top! She passed along the recipe but Kourtney is the only one in our entire Kardashian family who has mastered it. So every year in December my dad’s side of the family gets together and Kourtney makes it for us all! I miss my Nana so much!”


Kim Kardashian

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205 Responses to “Kim Kardashian – The Armenian Interview”

  1. Anahid says:

    im lovin this, just great!

  2. Benobel says:

    yeah, she is smoking!!! cool interview, stuff, iv been wondering bout

  3. Rebecca says:

    She is sooo beautiful, i’m so happy she is so proud of her roots

  4. Robert Khorossian says:

    I’m really happy to read this, good interview, well done armenian pulse

  5. Chris Grigorian says:

    Very good job Harout. Hopfuly in the future you can do video interview with her. That’ll be so awesome – (*_^)

  6. angel says:

    I love Kim Kardashian, I love how she knows so much about her heritage, this was a surprise for me, thanks

  7. Tina Momjyan says:

    ~Kim is so gorgeous~!

  8. haykakan says:

    this is cool,i wish she knew armenian, but im glad she is proud to be armenian

  9. vicky says:

    wow, im impressed armenianpulse, i never knew half this stuff

    Kim youre beautiful

  10. erica says:

    great interview armenian pulse. you go hye girl Kim. Love watching your show.

  11. […] While in Miami Kim took time out to do an interview with The Armenian Pulse. Apparently she is the most requested celebrity! Kim talks about being a 4th generation Armenian and what her heritage means to her. She talks food, her father and much more. Check it out by visiting their site HERE. […]

  12. ian says:

    Keep making us proud Kim!! Archbishop Hovnan Derderian was actually the ‘priest’ then to baptise me. How amaazing was it to meet him!?

  13. Bahare says:

    WOW, what a great dad- who told them to never forget where they come from!!! Its sooo important,,dont forget that Kim! =)

    • bullcrapian says:

      Her father? Her father, who got a double murderer off, told her not to forget where she comes from?

      He didn’t marry any damned Armenian. His half-Armenian daughters didn’t marry any damned Armenians.

      Armenia-this, Armenia-that. You can always tell when someone is ashamed of something. He keeps trying to convince himself that he’s not ashamed of it.

      Her claim to fame? Banging some ****** on the Internet.

      Yeah, she’s Armenian alright. A proud Armenian.

      If you people are so proud, WHY AREN’T YOU IN ARMENIA?


      • Laura says:

        wow, look who’s the loser, you don’t even have your facts straight and it’s sooooo obvious that you are a racist which makes you the worse kind of Armenian, in fact the worse kind of Human being, What you just blanked out in your “Banging some ****** on the Internet” IS actual worse than anything Kim Kardashian has done, We Armentians are more ashamed of people like you than people like KIM, So go figure!

        Your screen name fits you so well, cause that’s exactly what you are, SHIT!

        Love you Kimie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

        • bullcrapian says:

          So, Laura, when is your Internet tape going to be released?

          I guess racism is okay with you as long as it means consistently banging “non-Armenians,” shall we say?

      • aramazd says:

        Nasty, nasty! If you can;t say something nice, then SHUT UP! The woman IS Armenian; that’s a fact, she SAYS she is Armenian, too. Eho the heck are YOU to badmouth her? In Persian they say’ Giram pedare to bood fazel, as fazle pedar to-ra che hasel. Which means, If your father was a sage, what’s it to you? So her father did a double murderer loose, so what? Maybe he was a good lawyer! Grow up, bullcrap, there may be good reason you chose that pen-name. Go think about it!

      • tigran israelyan says:

        I couldn’t have said it any better myself my man she ain’t no Armenian and never will be.

    • It is important to not forget where your from. And be proud who you are. The Armenian Genocide, happened before the Jewish Genocide, that is something important to remember. Rest In Peace, to your Grandmother, Armenia is very cultured in Christianity, Apostle Saint Bartholomew was, is from Armenia. To know more about your family you would have to see Keeping up with the Kardashians. I support Kim, good luck on all your dreams, and wishes, and travels. Help create schools to teach the Armenian Orphanage Children. Thank you, Sincerely, Isidro Cazares Jr.

  14. diana minasian says:

    kimmy i love you,,,,,you are very beautiful and sweet armenian girl..!

  15. ArmenianGirlFromSwitzerland says:

    I love Kim she is the best.
    Armenia 4Ever.

  16. Ellen Zoccola says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading the Interview, enjoy the show and the entire family. Nice to see she is so Proud of her Heritage, Every Success to Kim and Armenian Pulse!!!

  17. Melissa says:

    HOW ABOUT HER SEX TAPE???? HER PLAYBOY SPREAD???? I am Armenian and nothing of the kind would be accepted. She is only Armenian when it comes to her benefit. Other than that you can ask any Armenian, neither her or her siblings have Armenian mannerisms or mentality.

    • vicky says:

      oh, get over yourself and your high opinion of what you think is right or wrong. She said, even her grandparents were born here, do you know how hard it is to keep your “armenianism” when so many things are stacked against you. It’s time to stop judging people and look at the good, if you can’t see any good, then move on.

    • No we did not ask about the usual stuff that are in the rags, we wanted to only stay with the Armenian Background.

    • B says:

      Melissa don’t be a bitch. She clearly stated she was born and raised in LA, and in this country, Playboy is well-respected and a woman can choose to do that if she wants. And a personal tape being leaked is also not uncommon for stars, either. You should be happy that she is claiming her background and putting it in a very positive light. Why shun her from your community?

  18. Alana says:

    Soooo she is soooooooooooooo proud of her Armenian background.. but hasnt event visited the country??? are you kidding me? Its not like she couldnt afford it. She doesnt give a s**t about her background. this is just another media outlet to convince us shes some good do’er. Is she gorgeous? yes. she is.

    but lets not forget how she became famous?

    f******* a guy on camera… all the charities she works for, all the good she has tried to blind us with , doesnt erase THAT fact.

    think on it.

    • vicky says:

      another jealous person and what do you know, it’s another goodie virgin armenian girl that judges people they don’t know. So, if you f**** a guy on camera, you deserve the absolute worse in treatment? come on,how stupid you sound, The dumbest mistake she made was she let that guy have control over that tape, but just because you have sex with your boyfriend doesn’t make you a criminal, so stop judging others, look in the mirror!

    • Ladies, please refrain from using swear words. You can debate all you want without the name calling, please…

    • B says:

      clearly like the interviewer said, a LOT of armenians haven’t visited armenia, including himself. are you going to say he isn’t proud of his background either? stop finding reasons to hate on her, it just makes yourself sound jealous and stupid. maybe once you help raise $90k at a charity event for an Armenian orphanage you will have some standing to criticize her. but we all know that isn’t happening in your lifetime.

  19. Mary says:

    I don’t understand why you fanatics are being so defensive towards Kim? She is another more than another reality star who got her rise to fame by a sex tape. She definitely has no talents. A superficial 30 year famous for being famous. She is hosting a party in Las Vegas on April 24th which is the Armenian Genocide and you all are respecting her?? She banks money from losers like you watching her scripted reality shows and buying the numerous products she slaps her name onto and endorses…so keep at it fanatics your making her laugh all the way to the bank =)

  20. Mary says:

    I spoke the truth therefore my comment was not posted…thank you.

  21. mel says:

    i don’t get y people have to act in this manner..people make mistakes get over one is perfect…and she has made mistakes ..but who hasn’t..don’t judge anyone…if ur not ready to be judged yourselves..she has done so much good..and she has made mistakes..but we all make mistakes…there are so many Armenian actors and actresses now in Armenia that are doing the same things that she has done in the past…but does names don’t get love her or hate her shes get over it

    • Garo Acuian says:

      I think also know one has the right to gudge, they have to look first to them self :)as u just said we all make mistakes 🙂

  22. IloM says:

    I dont think she would be allowed anywhere near Armenia….its a no fly zone for a person like her….mexicans are more armenian than her

    • Socie kechichian says:


      • Natalia says:

        yeah omg so proud of this fatass who f’s black guys on video! Get your priorities straight only bozos like yourself would be proud of this disgusting piece of trash.

  23. Mary says:

    The Kardashians are hosting a party at Wet Republic in Las Vegas on April 24.

    I don’t need to spread rumors everything about them is out there. While hundreds upon thousands are protesting and fighting for our Armenian rights they will be getting paid to party it up in Las Vegas. Yet all of you embrace her with open arms and act like she really respects our Armenian culture. Anyways I’m done at the end of the day she is getting the big bucks and we are not! If anything props to her my previous post says it all. Why work hard for your money when you can make a sex tape, date any rich and semi famous black guy, and endorse products with your mommy telling you to “sex it up”….it baffles me that anyone would remotely have any respect for her or her sisters.

    • Samuel H. says:

      ahhh k, so its her sis birthday,what, they shoudnt celebrate birthdays now? anyways, they neva even discussd the genocide, why you gotta mention the “black guy” for? is dis the real reason you hating on her?

    • Tamar says:

      You people are straight haters. A heritage is not something someone chooses, you are born into it and should embrace it to the best of your ability just like Kim is. Nothing makes her more or less Armenian than anyone else…she just is. It’s easy to judge others’ because that way you don’t have to look at the skeletons in your own closet. Females are hating on Kim ’cause they’re not her and males are hating on Kim ’cause they’re not the one having sex with her…straight haters across the board. Just remember that before Kim Kardashian, Armenians were known for being hairy, sweaty, and smelly. She put us on the map for being beautiful, sexy, and exotic. Also, why is it so hard to see someone making a great amount of money the legit way? At least she’s not scheming her money like most of the Armenians out there. You know who you are. I’m talking about the greedy, moneyhungry Armenians who work under the table jobs as well as collect welfare. The ones who get married, yet still keep they’re maiden names so they don’t have to show they’re spouses income. The Armenians who register in just the right amount of college classes to land that grant check. And yes, let’s not forget about the ones who are on Section 8, yet somehow are driving around in expensive German cars. These are the Armenians that we should be ashamed of…not Kim

      • lilkunta(tamar apr 7 2010 124am) says:

        tamar: actually armenians (& all ppl) need 2 b ashamed of the armenians you have described (scamming govt for section 8, welfafre, financial aid) as well as kim.

        she is a dsigrace.
        im glad that with her divorce after 72days the public has turned against her and her 15min will finally be OVEr.

  24. luvlysb says:

    Wow, that is so great to see Kim did an interview like this! Many people don’t keep in touch with their roots and it’s impressive how proud Kim is of hers. Yay Kim 🙂

  25. Sky PT says:

    I don’t care for all the haters, like Kim has said, hate is the new love, I love you Kim, these other bitches are just jealous!

  26. At Armenian Pulse, we are very open, we don’t judge people because they have not been back to the homeland or criticize others for not marching down the streets on April 24. Everyone is free to do what they like! What’s more important to us is that you don’t do harm to others. If you are a person or entity that recognizes the Armenian Genocide, then that is fine by us. Would we love for Kim to do more, sure we would, but we won’t judge her negatively for not doing more. Here is an excerpt from Kim Kardashian dated April 24 2009.

    “As many of you know, this is an issue near and dear to my heart…

    I firmly believe the U.S. should officially recognize the horrific and historical atrocity of the Armenian Genocide, also known as the “Great Calamity.”

    For those of you who don’t know about it: More than a million Armenian people were marched to their death during World War I and beyond. I know, the number is so staggering, I cannot even fathom it.

    Right now MSNBC has posted a poll on the matter and I cannot believe how many people have voted “no.” I’m left to wonder if people are really aware of the gravity of the situation.

    I voted “yes” and would appreciate it if you felt it in your heard to vote “yes” too.”

    • George says:

      Kim is not a respectable person. No Armenian or any one with a brain appreciates a girl who has a sex tape out. She has done nothing worth mentioning with pride. She is nothing more than a useless girl who makes money off of people who find her pretty.

  27. maryam says:

    hi i`m from germany… many people say if u don`t speak armenian or u don`t went to armenia so you`re not an armenian. for myself i`m born in armenia but never be there since 20 years. but if somebody ask me where i come from i say armenia. what i wanna say is it`s not important to speak armenian or to been there, the important is that u know ur armenian an to be proud.

  28. Seattle,WA says:

    All you armos out there need to get over yourselves and be proud that at least one of our kind is as successful as she is. Be proud that the word “Armenia” is being mentioned and in a positive way. Remember we are living in 21st century and the whole “good” girl “bad” girl doesn’t exist anymore except in stupid LA where all “Armenians” pretend you’re in Armenia, but when was the last time you were there? Did you know that they don’t follow the same customs anymore and that they laugh at fools like you? Get out of the box, live your life, stop copying each other and look around- you’re in AMERICA!!!
    As for Kim, I don’t really watch the show because I don’t have time but I respect her for recognizing her heritage. Thanks to her people actually know where Armenia is and it’s definitely not in Glendale!

  29. MARIA says:


  30. MARIA says:


  31. DanielleJ says:

    At Mary: you seem to know a lot about her for someone “who doesn’t like her and thinks she’s worthless”?
    Aren’t you just a little bit jealous? 😀

    She is who she is, if you don’t wanna be a part of her life why are you critising? How about we start critising you?


  32. Glendale-Kenneth says:

    I am ashamed to call you guys Armenians. Why? because – you guys judge people without knowing them in the first place, second, calling someone not an Armenian when you use slang like “YA AL” and other BSs like blacks or other race would use. How do you justify that? How can you be more Armenian than she is or anyone who lives in LA or Africa? I wonder when all these haters judge someone not being in Armenia, How many times have you been there or even care to go back. I know for fact, many people that left Armenia don’t want to go back there just because there still people like YOU that hate “outsiders”. They live in shadows of “Spyurk”. So stop hating and accept the fact that Kim is Armenian and she publically acknowledges that. There are many Armenian actors/actresses – famous people out there, that never say it in public “Hey there, I am Armenian and I am proud of that”. Do YOU know anyone?

    So stop judging if you don’t want people to judge you.

    • lilkunta(glendale) says:

      glendale: u dummy. y’all is a word ALL PPL USE not just blacks.
      i see that while kim likes blacks, you are an armenia who doesnt.

  33. […] Kardashian has mentioned countless times that she is half Armenian and very proud of it. She actually did an interview with Armenian Pulse to discuss her heritage. The complete interview can be found on […]

  34. Tamar says:

    You people are straight haters. A heritage is not something someone chooses, you are born into it and should embrace it to the best of your ability just like Kim is. Nothing makes her more or less Armenian than anyone else…she just is. It’s easy to judge others’ because that way you don’t have to look at the skeletons in your own closet. Females are hating on Kim ’cause they’re not her and males are hating on Kim ’cause they’re not the one having sex with her…straight haters across the board. Just remember that before Kim Kardashian, Armenians were known for being hairy, sweaty, and smelly. She put us on the map for being beautiful, sexy, and exotic. Also, why is it so hard to see someone making a great amount of money the legit way? At least she’s not scheming her money like most of the Armenians out there. You know who you are. I’m talking about the greedy, moneyhungry Armenians who work under the table jobs as well as collect welfare. The ones who get married, yet still keep they’re maiden names so they don’t have to show they’re spouses income. The Armenians who register in just the right amount of college classes to land that grant check. And yes, let’s not forget about the ones who are on Section 8, yet somehow are driving around in expensive German cars. These are the Armenians that we should be ashamed of…not Kim

  35. jen says:

    I can just imagine who the haters are. Here in Los Angeles a lot of the Armenian’s FROM Armenia are driving around in their leased Mercedes, BMW’s, Range Rovers, etc, etc… and I say leased because they can’t afford to buy them, they live in crummy apartments in Glendale, Hollywood and North Hollywood. They sneer at everyone, think they are better than everyone.

    My grandfather’s 10 brothers and sisters, his mother and father, his grandmother were all slaughtered by the Turks. One of my grandmother’s lost her husband and 2 children in the massacre. My family escaped to the USA. Both of my parents are Armenian. The ONLY thing the haters ask is “do you speak Armenian” and when I say no, they stick their noses up in the air and say “you are not Armenian” MY FATHER DID NOT WISH TO TEACH US THE LANGUAGE, why do I have to suffer for his ignorance? He spoke it fluently, as did my mother. I breaks my heart that they did not teach us.

    When I have dealings with people that I know are Armenian, I don’t even tell them I am Armenian, isn’t that sad?

  36. Polly says:

    Armeninan lobby is paying to Kim Kardashian to promote his Armenian roots. She does all that pride speeches for the money the lobby pays to her. She is 30 years old and never been to Armenia, not even once. If she was so obsessed with her roots she would definitely visit Armenia until now.
    Now she says she will visit someday. Of course, she will because she gets money for it, for promoting Armenia.

    • Gary Matevossian says:

      that’s got to be the most idiotic thing anyone has ever said, hahahahah

    • Armen says:

      Don’t be stupid Polly, the Armenian lobby doesn’t pay Kim for this endorsement. Kim has more money than all of our Armenian Lobbying groups.
      Leave her alone, you Armenians are your own worst enemy. Stick together or you will lose (again)

  37. berge says:

    i wana say i am so proud of you kim a very fantastic artist a lovely armenian female ,a brave heart woman ,you are deserve the best in life
    berge nazaretian
    jesus bless you kim

  38. Branden Devilla says:

    awesome! nice post. I’ve been telling me friends about this blog. They love it!

  39. Burton Haynes says:

    wow what a interesting post , i love kim, i saw this post on bing

  40. Princess says:

    People need to seriously look at themselves in the mirror before they judge Kim! At least she gets off her butt and talks about being Armenian, says good things about Armenia and Armenians, AND HELPS ARMENIANS! When was the last time YOU helped raise $90,000 for Armenians? I remember she used to raise money for Armenian elderly “retirement” homes before she was REALLY popular. I’d rather have someone like HER represent Armenians than the embarrassing ones that are on the news killing each other.

  41. I hate armenians who critizise Kim. Y’all are beeing so wrong saying all this things to her. She’s not a shame at all she’s to be very proud of. I’m armenian, and I’m proud knowing that people like Kim exist.

    Some armenians say that kim is a shame for armenians… I just want to say One thing: even if she was never in Armenia and only her father’s side are armenian, she does never reject the fact that she’s from armenian desendance, she never says i’m american, but that she’s armenian. and lots of armenians do forget who they are once they’re out of the country.

    About her beeing with Reggie; don’t be racists saying that kim should not get married to a black guy. I mean come on, it’s the 21st century. wtf r u guys talkin about?? has history, the past nothing teached you all?????

    about the sextape everyone criticises: WHAT ABOUT IT? DID U NEVER HAVE SEX? Never seen a vagina?? it’s natural and if you don’t want to watch it, then don’t!!
    it’s not like she’s a murder, she’s doing what million of couples do every night all around the world.

    NOW last thing:
    Ur saying, kim is a shame for armenia? What is a sham, a girl who even if she has never been to armenia, loves her origines so much, or armenians, from armenia who come to europe, change theyr last names, btake a turkish name and pretend to be turkish.. claiming that armenia made them go through hell because they’re turkish (but in fakt they’re armenian…)
    What about these people?? Arn’t they a shame for armenia??? YES THEY ARE. So befor you start attaking Kim for the GREAT person she is, let’s talk about this Fake, shit armenians who denie the fact that they’re armenians and claim to be turkish!!

    I bet some of you are reading this message now…

    Bari erego bolorin.

  42. Oh and, THANX a lot to Armenian Pulse for this great interview. I’ll definetly be checing this website more often. I like the fact that you’re open people here, and very nice !!


    • Thank you very much Ed, we appreciate it very much! yes you are right we are in the 21st century and in order for Armenian’s to grow with the rest of the world we need to be more open and less judgmental.

      thank you again for your comment!

      much love and respect

      -Armenian Pulse

      • Mary says:

        “more open and less judgmental” So you think it doesn’t matter how Armenian’s get noticed, as long as they are on the map? Why couldn’t we have a positive and valid representation of the Armenian society? It’s better to have Armenian’s not be in the media, than to have the Kardashian clang destroy our reputation, by portraying themselves in such a negative and degrading way. The Kardashians don’t care about Armenians, so long as they can make money out of the title. While it boosts their money making opportunities as “exotic Armenian women” they in return demoralize and belittle our culture in the public eye. I’d rather be closed minded than to accept this talentless, immoral, shallow socialite as the poster child of Armenian women.

        • Ok, whatever you want, as we have said before, no one DESERVES to be anything, you are what you are, like it or not and if you rather be closed minded, then so be it, If Kim wants to do what she does, SO BE IT, nobody should judge anyone else is all we are saying, just like We wont judge you for being a closed minded Armenian. Thank you for your post.

  43. Hovhannes says:

    Kim you are a patriot! Bravo!!!

  44. David Begum says:

    Kim Kardashian is super sexy and i cant help but to admire her nice curvaceous lady humps *

  45. Mantra says:

    Unfortunately, a bunch of typical Cali Armos getting together to pat each other on the back, and call each other, and Kim “Armenian” does not mean you have a valid perspective. Let’s look at the facts. She was born and raised in LA (the hub of American-Armenian culture), yet, she has never, ever dated an Armenian (by her own admission), she does not know the language (by her own admission), nor the slightest bit about her heritage despite vague references to having been told “so much about our ancestors”, etc. She has never once divulged the tiniest bit of all that she’s learned about our ancestors, and not only has she not dated an Armenian, she’s almost exclusively dated the lowest scum on the totem pole.

    The truth is, she’s only Armenian when she thinks that the “exotic” element will help her…. ummm…. “career”? She is a 100% Americanized socialite byproduct of the cancer that is known as Hollywood whose life revolves around “being glamorous”. Please don’t pretend she is anything more than that. This is something most Californian Armenians don’t understand, because unfortunately, a huge portion of them are the same way (no matter WHERE they’re from). The use of nonsensical words like “HATER!!111”, or the coddling of being “a cool American” and fitting into the Hollywood lifestyle rather than maintaining Armenian values makes that painfully apparent.

    It takes more than an IAN ending to your last name to be Armenian.

    • Laura says:

      You are so stupid, she not only was born in America, her dad was also, and wait, not only her dad but her grandparents, do you know how hard it is for these kinds of Armenians to retain their Armenianism? Are you that stupid? why can’t you see that things are heavily against her.

      There is one last thing i would like to say, you talk about Armenian Values, well, last time i checked, Armenians were not racists which you have shown us to be. “Lowest scum”? How dare you? you racist pig! Im more proud that Kim is Armenian that i am of you. You should be ashamed of yourself, you talk like you know it all but you’re just a racists lowlife.

  46. Stephen Roider says:

    hi it is my first post on this web and firstly I would like to thank you for the useful information, which I found in this and all previous posts , it really helped me a lot. I will definitely iclude this blog on my rss reader 🙂 Also, I would like to ask – don’t you mind if I will quate some information from your website because I am writing articles for the Associated Content, Ezine and other articles directories (this is my part time job)? It would really help me with some of mine articles. Of course, I will mention your blog title or URL (not all articles directories allows URL’s , so I can’t 100% promise that you will get a direct link to your blog).

  47. Truth Teller says:

    I’m only going to make 1 comment. Please check what Kim Kardashian and her “Armenia” loving family was doing on the saddest day of the Armenian culture. She was 1st promoting her jewelery line and then she went off to vegas to celebrate her sister’s b-day. If she’s so into being a “Armenian”, it probably would have been best if she did not advertise her business or go out partying for 1 night to show respect or if she did go out, maybe she should have used the press to talk about the Armenian Genocide. She is am opportunitic biatch… using her Armenian hertiage for profit. Shame on her.

    • Laura says:

      hey truth teller, we have already discussed this topic,let me ask you something, What did you do on April 24??? Be honest, did you smile at all? did you laugh at something? did you play loud music? did you put your armenian flag on the hood of your mercedes and cruise the streets?

      what im trying to get at is, we are all individuals and we are all free to do what we want to do, stop judging others will you, that’s worse than anything anybdy can do, the girl is half armenian, her father, her grandparenst were all born here, give her a break! atleast she mentions being armenian, atleast she doesnt run away from it, you say she uses her heritage for profit, how silly, since when being an aremnian was a money making heritage?

      yes she promoted her Armenian inspired jewelry line and she dedicated it to ancient armenia and the genocide, she mentioned it several times in the press, and yes she celebrated her sisters birthday,w hats wrong with that?

      april 24 1915 was the saddest day,not every year after that, april 24 on any other year is to bring awarness to the issue and fight for the right cause, it certainly NOT a day you should be sat in the corner praying, so get over yourself and stop judging other people, i bet if youre really honest and look into the mirror, youll see several flaws that you have that you will never admit to here, so shut the hell up!

      • Truth Teller says:

        Laura, I’ll tell u this much, I didn’t cruise around in my Benz ( which I don’t drive) with the Armenian flag but I also didn’t go out and prmote a jewlery line or go out and party it up in Vegad. I did howeeve, take my 4 year old to Montebello and explained to her why so many people had gathered to mourn the millions that were slaughtered and I told her that as a respect to all those who had lost their lives, she should lay a flower and pray that this never happens again to any other culture. If KIM is soooooooooooooooooooooo into her Armenian culture, how about her show up and lay a flower. I’ll say it again, there is nothing wrong with making money but there is something wrong when someone is so opportunitsitic and so money hungry that they won’t even respect the dead and not USE them, which she did, to promote her line.

        So don’t tell me to shut the hell up. You need to check yourself.

      • robert says:

        Laura the only reason kim is saying that shes armenian and proud to be a armenian is because armenians are paying her to say those things and if all armenians start being open minded and start marrying *other races* which some of them are already there wont be anymore armenians left because the only way we lasted for thousands of years is because of marrying other armenians and having pure armenian children its so sad that all the good and pure true armenians went to war and died and now there is barley any good armenians left unlike u laura stop writing dum stuff to other pure armenians and stop protecting a half armenian who is on every porn site KIM is just a bitch a slut who else will show herself naked to the wole world a slut would and that slut is kim and im so ashamed when someone asks me what nationality i am and i say armenian and then they say oh like kim and im like no hell no i will never be like her and i say that shes only half and she doesnt even have that honor to be called a armenian a true armenian is someone who could speak and yell out im armenian but not for money like kim

  48. Delalla says:

    appreciated lots, I have to comment that your website is excellent!

  49. Jon says:

    Kim is amazing.

  50. John says:

    have you seen armenian woman?

    – haha i have seen a lot of them, most of them are quite short, with a big bum 🙂

  51. Samual Alward says:

    Holy cow. That Kardashian is wild. I love following them just because they’ve always got something crazy going on. Hope you keep posting info about the Kardashians.

  52. HOVIK says:

    OK FIRST OF ALL, YOUR NOT ARMENIAN LOL, its just your last name, you don’t even know one word in Armenian. do what u want with your life Kim, but NEVER REPRESENT Armenians the way u think they are. They are NOTHING like the way u describe. I should have one of my 100% PURE ARMENIAN girls that are my cousins in Armenia represent Armenia. so take that word out of your mouth and i hope u get married to Reggie bush and change that last name of yours. Its just sad that you have the power to influence the media because of your fame. i wish the world was more educated and knew what Armenians really are, at least most of us.

  53. Daniel says:

    WE LOVE YOU KIM< and to hell with those who dont. end of the story

  54. Tamar H says:

    Lol, what a funny bunch of comments. I sense alot of jealousy. Let her do her thing people, it’s a free country.

  55. Amit Parmar says:

    Hi, Kim

    i like u so much. well actually i m from india but, i like u so much. Kim i love u… u plz marry with me my dear sweet heart. i love you

    only yours amity

  56. Mary says:

    I judge Kim Kardashian and her family because I think they are a misrepresentation of most Armenians. Because her and her family are the only Armenians in the media, most people assume that Armenian women are uneducated, materialistic, shallow, plastic surgery addicted sluts. Kim Kardashian and her sisters are not only making Armenian women look bad, but they’re making all women look bad. They objectify themselves by posing half naked on any magazine they can get their hands on, for a few bucks. They are degrading and such bad examples for our youth. They do not deserve the Armenian name and should not call themselves Armenians.

    • GARO says:


      • yasemin says:

        i agree with you as a religious turk.. nudity is the disgusting thing ever.. she alwqays shows her meat so body of women is seen as just asmeat.. by the way there s nothing to be proud of being armenian who sold turks from behind.. okay armanians my grandfgathers’ father’s family had been burnt by the Anatolian Armenians at the mosque of Erzurum ( Tepe Town).. be proud of that too

  57. ed says:

    What do you mean when you say “Deserve”??? Being armenian is not a privilege. This is not something you “deserve” cause it doesn’t make you any better than if you are american, german or french. Such a racist comment. Hell, I didn’t know armenians were such racist. I’m ashamed.

    • GARO says:

      HEY ED,


  58. NJ says:

    Armenians don’t like Kim because she and her sister Khloe married black man, + sextapes and crazy living

  59. Raffi says:

    Don’t say Armenians, cause not all Armenians hate Kim, you are just racist and we don’t need Armenians like you NJ,i rather have her kind then your kind!

  60. Armen says:

    NJ- Shame on you for your racist remark. I guess you have NO CLUE about the shared friendship with Ethiopia and Armenia for CENTURIES. In fact, in old Jerusalem we share the Armenian Christian Quarter with our Ethiopian brothers.
    How dare you!!! Judge a person by their character NOT their color.

  61. Karen says:

    REALLY Armen? I didn’t know Ethiopains & Armenians shared a friendship togather. Hmmmm, maybe Kim and her sisters have a little African blood line. Who knows. Maybe this is the reason for the Kardashians dark complextion. Which is really natural and not fake like most who wish they had the Kardashians skin tone.

    • anen says:

      Khloe Kardashian took a DNA test on the talk show “Lopez Tonight” the results came back 97% European and 3% native american (most probably from her anglo-american mother)

      the references are on Khloe wikipedia’s page

      There’s was no African blood

  62. Karen says:

    Ok, now, I kind of like the Kardishians. and I think they are a really crazy family. In a good way that is. But my thing is this. I notice how Kourtney & khloe talk to their mom and I’m like, whooooa! To me Kourney is the most disrespectful. She can be a real biotch. anyone who tells their mother to shut the f*ck up need thier @$$ whoop. I mean come on. Are Armenians that disrespectful to their mothers? Her mom just don’t want to see her daughter be another Nicole Simpson. I know if I talk to my mom like that (which I wont) I’ll find my teeth knock down my throat or dead. Kourtney is one of the most stupidest women on the planet for getting preggers with that @sshole of a boyfriend Scott. He’s a loser. He’s a lazy spoiled rich brat who loves to lounge around and do nothing but let his money work for him. He a drunk. This was before he got the job. I mean Kourt is a pretty girl. and she needs to leave Scott alone because he’s a loser. Well, thanks to her dumb @ss they have a child together now so that’s really out of the question.

  63. Cristina says:

    Armenian, Scottish, Dutch, Turkish, Scottish, is all European. She looks ‘exotic’ because she is Eastern European. Eastern European women look different from other Europeans. They have high cheekbones, big eyes, dark skin, dark or light straight hair, thin, small framed, round head/face. Eastern European women dominate the modeling industry.

    • anen says:

      Is true the Easter European girls dominate the Fashion modeling industry they are the most exotic looking europeans methinks

  64. Earlie Mcanaw says:

    This chick is really wonderful. She’s great and sexy.

  65. Davit says:

    Kim es qez sirum em

  66. Brett says:

    I didn’t know Armenian’s were so racist! such a shame!

    • GARO says:


  67. NICOLETTA says:

    Oh yeah im Armenian! like through my father’s parents. im also like Brazilian through my mother’s parents! wtf? SLUT BAG!

  68. Arsen Muger says:

    Kim, I really enjoyed reading all the
    comments about you and Armenia. I am
    armenian and went to Armenia for my
    first time in 2007. It is such a
    beautiful country. Our main stay was
    in Yerevan at the Marriott Hotel. Just
    wonderful. We had a wonderful Armenian
    female tour guide who took my son & I and
    14 tourists on a fabulous 7 day tour of the country. Kim you are such a beautiful lady. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Arsen

  69. Florencio Ankney says:

    love you KIM!!!!!!!

  70. Hermina says:

    he would be proud of you? whaha shame on you, your just a whore a real armenian girl doesn’t pose like a whore or dress like it and has a sextape??

    anyways sirun axhikes baits amot kes wor du senc es. hisuse kez ke patzie

    • Anahid B. says:

      Hermina, Jesus also said do NOT judge others, you don’t even know her, you only judge cause of what you see on TV, shame on you for doing that, i guess hisuse kez@ patzielou

  71. Tim says:

    Some of you are such haters!

  72. Patrick says:

    You are all crazy for hating on Kim, who cares!!! She is a socialite and is acting exactly as she should, from what i see on TV she seams like a really nice person, so who are all of you to judge! Kim Kardashians is exotically beautiful!

  73. Whoever made that statement about Eastern European women is absurd.

    Easturn European women can’t all be accounted for, thats generalization.

    But most Armenian women look generally European with usually Dark Hair and Dark eyes and more then often you will see light eyes dark hair, or light hair dark eyes, and sometimes the dark hair makes their skin look darker, (if their hairy) which is usually the case haha.

    All the armenians in my family are very “white” pale skin. Their is always exceptions though.

  74. VANESK says:


  75. marly says:

    Armenian Pulse – do your research… hello… SEX TAPE! Let’s see shall we encourage all Armenians to make one so that they too can rise to Pop Icon status. She may be a working girl but please, the oldest profession in the book? Hardly something to be proud of.
    Fashion stylist… fine but she’d still be an anonymous one. And as far as that trip to Armenia that “her whole family has yet to take”– it’s called a plane ticket and a res at a hotel. Guys, come on… I know you want to have a “spokesperson” to help raise awareness but don’t be desperate. There are plenty of successful Armenians out there.
    Find a little substance and stop drinking the kool aid. That’s where the real challenge is.

    • Hey Marly, We don’t mind criticism of our site, I’d say it’s healthy.

      We mentioned that we didn’t want to focus on the sex tape since that was a private video released by an ex-boyfriend, hardly makes her a hooker.

      We know Kim uses her sex appeal to make a name for herself but we’re not crude or old fashioned to think there is anything wrong with that, to each there own we say, as long as you don’t hurt anyone.

      As far as other Armenian celebrities, take a look around our site, you will find many of them here and more to come, kim Kardashian is not our spokesperson and we are NOT desperate for awareness.

      have a good day and thanks for stopping by Marly.

  76. Biba says:

    Hi Kim,”Sireli Kim” its great to see Armenians succeed in life. I am half Armenian from my mother’s side, I speak Armenian, but unfortunately cannot read nor write it. I live in Spain, but travelled worldwide. One thing I can vouch for is that, we, Armenians, no matter where we are, will go out of our way to help fellow Armenians, no matter who they are. This is a gift envied by the world. Keep up the good work, and be proud to belong to us. God Bless ++ Biba.

  77. Arminka says:

    In Poland to my friend i’m with proud tell that Kardashians are Armenian like me i’m very proud of our Armenian in all over the world

  78. Raphael says:

    Una de las mujeres mas hermosas del planeta. Kim, en Mexico te adoramos!



    • Lara says:

      I dont understand why people make such a big thing out of the Armenian Genocide, I dont just mean the Armenian one, there also was the Jewish Genocide. Its from over 50 years and it is very sad what happened and it should never ever happen again. But I still dont understand why american born armenians act as if they just came from there. Kim is just half armenian and even her father was born here! And Kim still can be in adult movies and it is non of your business! And there are so many Armenian girls that do that too and they still are Armenian!!!

      • ARMENIAN WOMAN says:

        Lara….you are obviously not educated…obviously you know nothing about genocide and what it actually is. The reason why it is such a big deal and why Armenians who were born in America think it is a big deal is because most of the world has accepted the fact that the Armenian Genocide happened except for the the United States(and a few other countries). The Jews keep making movies about their holocaust over and over -even(which is fine) after the whole world accepted that Germany was wrong for it…however…the Armenian Genocide still has not been accepted world wide. It is and will be a big deal because our people died for no reason and were sent away from their homeland by Turks that wanted to kill every Armenian and to hang the last one in a museum-per order of Talaat Pasha. Over 1.5 million Armenians died and the United States of America still has not accepted the Armenian Genocide-the first genocide of the 20th century and you are wondering why it is a big deal?…you really are NOT the sharpest tool in the shed and need to think before you blurt out vomit from your almost non existant brain. I hope I gave you an answer on your retarded question and I would really like you to think about what you said.
        By the way, I am very happy how Kim Kardashian is proud to be Armenian! Unlike some people.

  80. svetlana says:

    Kim I am very happy that you are proud to be Armenian!! I like you

  81. svetlana says:

    kim you are very beautiful im a big fan but you are not As Armenian, kept silent one pose without clothes…
    Your father shall not be proud of you! But I like you

  82. Simele says:

    I think Kim and her sisters are really smart business Women, that know how to get whatever they want, even if it means to Pose half naked for a magazine etc. I am aramaic and i gotta say i never acted that Way, ie. Getting pregnant before being married, being married to someone with a different nationality, that is not syriac orthodox…….but in my Heart i am probably more aramaic than any aramaic Girl out there, that pretends She is still à Virgin wiv 30, Never had Sex or even Kissed anyone(lol). I bring my Children up to know everything about my Culture and history ie, the genocide in1915 and so on, but its up to them to decide if or how to represent it! Now i don’t Know how u armenians are but, what i hate about my culture and People is, that Most People ,, Act As if they more or better than they actually are and that is winding me up soooo much and give a looooot of shit bout what People could think of them! After all ,in my Case ( of being so open minded) my Family accepted it and from my Nana to my Cousins, everyone loves and adores my husband and Children and they accept me for who and how i am now and we r closer than ever before….

  83. jamieyourex says:




  84. Edgar says:

    Great interview
    ps: I love what you do Kim! take care 🙂


  86. […] Check out our interview with Kim Kardashian as she continues to talk about her Armenian Heritage her… […]

  87. Shushan says:

    Really? It’s her dream to go to Armenia and she can’t? Lack of money I wonder, or just lack of motivation -_-

    • Grigor H. says:

      A dream to go to armenia!? Its not the journey to the moon, to dream about of, it takes just 12 hours flight from NY, for approx. 1200$. Its amazing how she couldnt get there………..loooooooool

  88. John says:

    i joined your rss reader.thanks for post.

  89. Grigor H. says:

    you know most of armeninas didn’t like her for her lifestyle that doesnt fit to an armenian girl…. for me she doesnt differ from any other american celeb.

  90. halladjian says:

    omgggg i love you kim and im glad that you are armenian and are proud to be one because im armenian alsooo:]

  91. halladjian says:

    hey everyone its halladjian again everyone who reads this comment go on YOUTUBE.COM and search for a person named NADIA ALI and her song RAPTURE AVICCI GENERATION REMIX cause this song is the greatest song an armenian can here!!!!!

  92. Lolag says:

    Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful informative interview. You have done a better job presenting great side of Kim. I’m now more knowledgeable about her, than the way the media portrays. Shad abris!

    I’m so happy to see her raise money for many charities, including helping Armenians too. Wishing her more success. God bless her.

    I’ll check out the sites you mentioned above and her fragrance at Sephora for sure. Also will promote this interview and tweet as well.

    I agree with some of the comments, not to be so judgemental… Be very happy that she is great success. More power to her! Always encourage the positive and reinforce it. I’m very happy for her!

  93. Andranik says:

    kim kardashian
    you’re so pretty
    i love you


  94. Darling Kim.
    I have an Armenia Radio station. I really want to make an interview with you. Could you please send me a contact, please? My name is Sarkis Karamekian from Sao Paulo , Brazil. My email is : and my site is:
    55-11=9862 06 09

  95. anush says:

    WOW KIm you’re cool

    i’m so glad that you respect, love and proud of your roots ARMENIA LOVE U muah!

  96. Elizabeth Melkumyan says:

    I honestly don’t think Kim Kardashian, a woman whose a millionaire several times over, cares about how “un-Armenian” many people think she is. I’m not saying I think she’s the best representative of our race and I’m not saying I think she’s the worst. If she chose to make a sex tape or pose for Playboy, that’s her business, not mine. However she chooses to make money is up to her. Considering she’s making good money every day, I commend her for being able to pull that off, any way she got to this point. I can’t say that I would have done the same things she had in her past, but at least she’s making a profit out of it, and that takes good business skills. No matter what people are saying about her, she’s cashing in and the people who are wasting their time critisizing her, aren’t. I don’t approve of the things she did, but I do approve of her ability to turn some of her questionable behavior into something very profitable.

    • bullcrapian says:

      “However she chooses to make money is up to her. I commend her for being able to pull that off, any way she got to this point. At least she’s making a profit. She’s cashing in.”

      Money. Money. Money excuses everything.

      This is the rationale of a streetwalker. A pimp. A pornographer.

      Making money excuses every sort of shameful behavior.

      You are a shame to Armenians.

      • Mr. Bullcrapian, I understand you find Kim Kardashian repulsive and we can respect your opinion on any topic here on this site, but please refrain from using racists views and from insulting other people who comment here.

        This goes for any other person who chooses to post here, we value all of you but we would like an adult dialogue between mature people. If any of you would like to just bash others and use racist comments, please go elsewhere!

  97. Kyli says:

    Wow, there is so much anger and vitriol in the comments section. There must be a lot of angry people….and many ignorant people.

    Well open up your perspective. Many people have been to Armenia who are NOT Armenian at all. Actually there is a program called Teach Learn Georgia and thousand of Americans, Canadians, British, Aussies, Kiwis, and South Africans are in Georgia to teach English and during vacation they travel to nearby Yerevan, Armenia and the smaller villages and towns. Armenians IN Armenia are NOT racist. It only seems to be the American ones who are hung up on interracial dating and marriage; as judged by the comments made about Kim and her sister Khloe’s marriage.
    How do I know all of this stuff?
    Uh, I’ve actually been to Armenia….
    Guess what? **drum roll** I’m African-American. Oh yeah and there is an awesome Mexican restaurant in Yerevan and it is run by a married couple who are Mexican-American and from Los Angeles. How many of the people who are commenting on this page have even been to Armenia themselves? Just trying to making you think and I’m putting the onus back on yourselves.

    I’ve lived in and traveled to over 20 countries, including countries in the Caucasus region. It seems to always be the ones in the diaspora living outside of their ethnic homeland who have the most issue with identifying who is “more ethnic” than the next person. Not surprisingly the most racist ones usually reside in the United States. I think it’s the culture in the U.S.
    If you visit Armenian communities in Tbilisi, Georgia, Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey, Italy, France, Ukraine….they have better things to do than get made at Kim Kardashian and her sister for taking photo shoots and being married to black guys. How do I know that? Umm, I have a lot of non-American Armenian friends, and they don’t sit around discussing things like this.

    Get out and travel more, it’s not expensive and even in this terrible economy it can be done. I’m living proof of that.

    -Just a global perspective

    • Thank you for that Kyli! It’s refreshing to read an intelligent and pleasant post!

      Frankly, We’re discussed by the racist comments made by some of our fellow Armenians. We hope they will, sooner than later see the inner beauty of another person rather than judge someone simply because they see them as less relevant in society. It’s really a shame and we think you have explained it perfectly!

      thank you dear!!!

  98. Azatui Gabrielyan says:

    I wiish i can meet with you personaly.
    We love you so much.
    Keep up beeing Armenian.

  99. Fred Maleski says:

    I have to laugh: A young woman comes on your site and offers nothing but lip service to her Armenian heritage. Lacking any other information, in the eyes of many of your viewers, she can now walk on water. Anyone critical of her is branded either a hater or as being jealous.(I’ve read comments concerning this particular woman on many sites, and most tend to be negative. The knee-jerk response to these comments seems to always be “you’re jealous!” or” you’re a hater!” (funny, just saying.) Many defenders of this woman use the argument that things she’s accused of don’t matter…”She’s Making Money!” Some applaud her for making a profit from her behavior, etc. Mr. Bullcrapian (take a 2nd look at that name) criticizes this flippancy and is accused of racist views (I don’t see any!) and of insulting commenters. Well, I applaud Mr. Bullcrapian,s indignation and my sensibilities are insulted by people’s lack of same. Thoughts of a German-Polish-American with a daughter married to an Armenian.

  100. Fred Maleski says:

    PS: My Daughter was married in an Armenian church, where was the lady in question married?

  101. Fred Maleski says:

    P.P.S.(sorry–my bad) I was referring to Mr. Bullcrapian’s comments of August 24, 2011 only.

    • I’m glad you caught that Mr. Maleski! So, do you agree he was being racist by saying:

      “Her claim to fame? Banging some ****** on the Internet”

      Or do you think we were just “branding” him for not agreeing with us?

      We see ourselves very fair, or at least we try to be. You mentioned she offered nothing but lip service about her Armenian Heritage, if you read our article before the interview, we mentioned that that is all we, as a site wanted to talk about, her Armenian side. She simply answered the questions we provided her. Whether she receives negative comments on all other sites or not is irreverent, She is going to have people who despise her and she will have genuine fans who think she can walk on water, who cares! All we are providing here is an insight to a celebrity who happens to be half Armenian and doesn’t hide the fact that she’s half Armenian.

      At the end of the day, she’s not hurting anyone or doing anything illegal (as far as we know) The rest is all “Bullcrap-ian”

      So, we thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback and we wish your daughter and her Armenian husband our very best! good day…

  102. Fred Maleski says:

    I do agree Mr. Bullcrapian made a racist remark. (I missed that at first!). The comments which followed your interview, turned into a pro & con debate! I’ll just add my two cents and be on my way: I referred to the lady’s lip service in that, like a politician, she would tell you what you would like to hear…She’s dying to visit Armenia! What’s stopping her–no money?–Her 9-5 job? Usually Celebs, such as she, have peons doing all the work that the celebs then take credit for. She wants to honor her Armenian heritage? — She was just married. Not far from her home is a community called “Little Armenia”, where I’m sure one could find an Armenian church or two. I asked in my P.S. where was she married. (guess where). My son-in-law, in honoring his heritage and parents, married my daughter in the Armenian church where his parents had wed. A church in NYC, quite a distance from home…I’m sorry! I just got sucked into this by all the arguments. Not being Armenian myself, I feel like an intruder.

  103. ALLA GOROIAN says:

    Kim i love you !you are the best!god bless you and your beautifull family!

  104. Armenian chick from lebanon says:

    WHATEVER kYLIE WROTE IS ABSOLUTLY RIGHT, after reading all your comments ,i see so much racism so much hate and anger and close mindedness , the armenians living in Armenia dont think like you do , ive been to Armenia 9 times and i absolutely love it there,and the people are really nice and a breathtaking nature ……\
    its because of people like you (Americanised Armenians) who give armenians a bad name to the world and not kim , the armenians living in America really should be careful since”you” guys are in touch with different races ethnicities living in America, and i can feel that because i always read blogs through the internet and get in touch with armenian from LA, and i have many relatives there,
    im an Armenian girl from lebanon , and non of whatever u have written in previouse posts are the reality , here the Armenian girls are very beautiful , you have half of the arm girls blond with colorful eyes (like Europeans) and the other half exotic bruneettes with dark hair and dark eyes , both with sexy assets ,and non are hairy or smeelly, in reverse , the lebanese guys love us! plus we have our dignity ,good manners and respect and the most important thing PROUD ARMENIAN and we stick to each other , its because of lebanese armenian that we have a strong diaspora …

    leave kim alone stop hating , here in lebanon the armenians are very very very proud of kim, we watch the” keeping up with the kardashians) over and over again… and stop telling she is famouse for nothing ,are u kidding me?? what more can she do?? she is a very attractive model (our worlds new marilyn monroe ) a great buisnessman which built her own empire ,a reality star and a fashion goddes
    i really love kim ,she is an idol for me ,and im very proud of her and her sister … and keeping up with the kardashian is a great reality show which teaches us all,how the family bond should be and the love between each member ,

    kim i love you and im so proud of you , and im very touched by how ur proud of ur armenian origin from the first day i heard the kardashian surname on E entertainment tv…. at least no matter what u stayed Armenian ,and ur proud of ur heritage and roots unlike so many Armenian as u said whov chaned their surnames just to become famouse! we need more people like you ! xoxo

  105. I want to thank you for interviewing Kim. I feel soooo good to hear Kim is and has kept the Armenian heritage up. I am proud of their work the Kim Kardashian family put the Armenians on the map. Thank you- Thank you and Thank you-

  106. Mavis Schimler says:

    Cute… whatever it takes to get the kids moving!

  107. lily says:

    So sexy!
    her boobs are HUGE!

  108. […] Most people in America, know of “America’s Princess” Kim Kardashian. She was born on October 21, 1980 in Beverly Hills, California. In the past years, she has been a successful business women, with her hit show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and many spin off’s with her sisters on E!. And her high fashion clothing lines, in stores at her boutique Dash and in Sears stores. But what some people might not know, she is not all glamour and shopping. She comes from a deep cultured Armenian family, and she always tries to keep with the holidays and the amazing food. You can read the interview with Kim Kardashain at the “Armenian Pulse Radio” by clicking here. […]

  109. Diana says:

    She’s hottt, successful, smart, strong, and ARMENIAN!!!
    Screw anyone that thinks otherwise..I give u Props Kimy! Keep doin ur thing!!!!

    • LILO says:

      yeah “kimmy” keep it up! you’re so strong! if only i was strong enough of a woman too to make a porn tape and a perfume line.

      hey diana, read or maybe simply google “strong/important women in history” and then compare the list to Kimberly, your idea of a “strong” woman.

  110. Jano says:

    I don’t think Kim Kardashian is doing the Armenian community any good with the kind of attentian she is getting us.
    People of other cultures think that Armenian girls like to sleep around and fornicate after seeing the kind of image she is selling to.
    The main Armenian goal for now should be to stick together and make the world admire us for our Christian values.
    As for accomplishments, I am more proud of George Deukmejian for being Governer of California and Kirk Krikorian for building many of the great hotels in Vegas. Those are more respectable accomplishments.
    Kim Kardashian can do whatever she wants with her life. I for one do not hate her, but I would not want to see many of our beautiful Armenian girls grow up admiring her and what she does.
    She looks okay. But there are so many other Armenian girls around the world that look more beautiful without the makeup and they live a more respectable life with Christian values.

  111. David says:

    Kim haters suck!

  112. modeling agencies in new york says:

    Eep! PETA’s mad at Kim Kardashian because she wore python boots in Paris. Let’s hope they don’t flour bomb her again.

  113. So Silly says:

    I Love Armenia and it has shaped my life even though I don’t speak Armenian or attend an Armenian School or have ever vistied Armenia.

    Regardless of my complete lack of knowledge regarding Armenian culture and even though my mother is both Scot and English I feel that Armenia has shaped the entire fabric of my Soul even though I was born in the United States of America and just found out about the Armenian Genocide which I so faithfully tweet about because of my deep and unwavering commitment to the Armenian people.

  114. Knulladifittan says:

    Fookin hore!
    Famous for nothing, no talent, no skills.
    I have had it with losers like this. Kanye West is also a complete idiot and his music sucks.
    Today, what is bad and awful is considered good, and what is good is considered bad and uncool.
    People born in the 90’s are also totally cooked.
    But, please, be sheeple and tools, use Facebook, buy everything they tell you to buy and live the way they want you to live, just do it, be a good idiot, a muppet that watches tv for 6-8 hours a day.
    There is really no hope in the majority. Sad.

    • LILO says:

      right? thank you!
      she is part of the zionist media that is taught to brainwash people. some armenians get so giddy and excited that she has an
      -ian in her name.
      the media agenda is to tarnish our culture. they found a hungry whore and realized that she is the perfect muppet.
      these celebs are hanging by strings dancing for our entertainment. but what the majority fail to realize is that “entertainment” is the cover word for “mass manipulation.”

    • Eddie says:

      Absolutely right. A disgrace to our Armenian VALUES. Well said, I’m so glad there’s some true Armenian without the sugarcoat Bull.

  115. Aisha says:

    I personally blog also and I am posting a thing similar to this blog, “Kim Kardashian – The Armenian Interview-
    Armenian Pulse Radio & Entertainment”. Would you care in the
    event I personallymake use of a number of of your personal suggestions?

    I appreciate it ,Dino

  116. armenian says:

    I agree with bulcrapian on 1 thing its that she is stupid to do and act the way she does. She is half armenian alright but she is a disgraise to the armenian nation for going mix her blood with a dark race. once you go black you never go back. what will her children say they would curse her for mixing her blood bcuz everytime a baby will be born her armenian blood just got extinct thats such a shame.I bet her poor father has turned 5 times in his grave(god have his soul)

  117. LILO says:

    oh whatever lol. she always answers her questions like she is in a beauty pageant…rehearsed and jolly, not sincere. Yeah, she is hot. that is about it. their father would not be proud of tarnishing their name and all the . they sold their souls to the zionist media. get outside of glendale and most americans do not know what an armenian is or that such a country exists. now, most people associate it with kim kardashian (just wonderful, sh*t). out of all the incredible armenian inventors, scientists, and athletes this half ass gets the fame, fortune, and chance to “represent” us. eating armenian food and saying i love armenia(ns) doesnt make you one. lots of nonarmenians do that in southern california, does that make them hye? melissa is right. all that she has left of armenianess in her is the -ian. thats all. they are true americans. anything decent that was taught to them by their father died when he died and her mother and the media took charge.

    And her whole i hope to visit armenia one day, blah blah blah BS. they have the money and travel around all the time. she is about image. and yes, she has had cosmetic enhancements, 98% of people do in hollywood business. what else are you to do with all that money? she just uses the term “armenian” to make herself stand out.

    im not hating. she is not an evil person…i think lol just kidding. but people need to understand that she is not that great special, smart or classy. all she is is a pretty shallow girl from a well off family. and she is most definitely not armenian. how do you know all the answers she gave above are legit?? its media, don’t be so navie folks lol

    what would truly make me proud was if she just removed the -ian….

  118. Kevin Masonian says:

    I was happy to see Armenian Pulse get an interview with Mrs. Kardashian. However, I was unhappy with the outcome. Kim did not give any concrete evidence to confirm that she truly knows anything about the Armenian culture. Furthermore, she nor her family has given one dime to Armenia, which I find very selfish. For instance, Cher has given tens of thousands and still continues to this day. In conclusion, I think the interviewer did an excellent job, but Mrs. Kardashian was very vague and generic with her answers.

    • Jason Kosanyan says:

      Kevin, I couldn’t agree more about your comment. She was probably reading off a card the entire interview. Also, I heard that they haven’t given any money to Armenia. If she truly loved Armenia, she would be helping them out financially. God knows she can spare the money.

    • I’m sorry Kevin, we didn’t get the end of your sentence, I would love to answer your un happiness concern, so please let us know you thoughts, thank you!

  119. Wilmer says:

    I was more than happy to discover this site. I wanted to thank you
    for your time due to this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and
    I have you book-marked to see new things in your site.

  120. А когда это интервью будет?

  121. Ya, she’s so proud of her heritage, she’s never even been to Armenia. Ugh! I hate that she’s the one representing our culture just because she’s “famous”

  122. She’s reading … wtf … she’s not even able to say a bunch of words

  123. Lena Sabuncu says:

    I’m not crazy about her but the only reason I tolerate her is because she is a big help to Armenians. She is brings great awareness to our culture especially during the time of the Genocide remembrance that occurs once every year. I believe she has made donations as well if I’m not mistaken.

  124. Just wanted to say hello, I’m a big fan of Kim Kardashian, Good pictures by Paper Magazine. Thank you, Sincerely, Isidro Cazares Jr.

  125. She could start a new career, with signing.

  126. Mary says:

    The entire Kardashian family is an embarrassment to Armenians.

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