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Posted by Pulse Administration on March 8, 2010

ARMENIAN RADIO NOW ON AIR! The most popular Armenian Radio Station

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Armenian Pulse Radio is LIVE!

Streaming High Quality Sound

Worldwide – 24/7


Armenian Pulse Radio is now ON AIR, after many weeks of research, planning and hard work, we are proud to bring you nothing but the best in high quality Armenian music. Our highly anticipated radio station, Armenian Pulse Radio will bring you the hottest, most memorable tracks available in the market. We don’t just upload whole albums and just put them on rotation, Our research has tracked down all the hits and award winning titles to bring you the most enjoyable experience when listening online.  Pulse Radio is the only Armenian radio station that brings you weekly Top 10 hits and has other scheduled programming.

Some of the  programs we have available are as follows:

Mondays: PULSE HOUR – The best in Armenian Pop, Hip Hop and Dance.

Tuesdays: WORLDBEAT – True international Music from around the globe.

Wednesdays: – ARTIST OF THE WEEK – 60 minutes 1 Artist.

Thursdays: We are featuring two completely different shows every other Thursday, one week we’ll feature DJ SAMMY FLASH  with his show KANDY HOUSE and the alternate week we’ll feature DJ HYE FX with his show IN THE MIX WITH HYE FX.

Fridays: FLASHBACK FRIDAYS – playing all the Armenian hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Saturdays: THE PULSE 10 – Your weekly top 10 countdown of most requested songs.

Sundays: LOVE CULTURE – The most memorable Armenian love songs and duets.

Please check the current time slots by click on the Armenian Radio button above or by clicking here

Our Radio stream is guaranteed to bring you high quality sound at a bitrate of 128kbps, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all for free. We also offer multiple options for players, Please refer to the Armenian Radio page to see our available players.

We have started Armenian Pulse Radio for only one reason, because there is no other Armenian show online that satisfies the average listener when it comes to quality music, We believe that radio stations should not just be a rotating mix of dusty CD’s. High Standard is always a priority at Armenian Pulse and we hope you appreciate our efforts to bring you the hottest, most comprehensive Armenian music online.


Pulse Hour Armenian Radio WorldBeat Armenian Radio Artist of the Week Armenian Radio

In The Mix With Hye Fx Armenian Radio FlashBack Fridays Armenian Radio

Pulse 10 Armenian Radio Love Culture Armenian Radio


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28 Responses to “ARMENIAN RADIO NOW ON AIR! The most popular Armenian Radio Station”

  1. […] anticipated radio station, Armenian Pulse Radio will bring you … Here is the original post: PULSE RADIO NOW ON AIR!- Armenian Pulse Entertainment Share and […]

    • John Chekian says:

      Dear Armenian Pulse Radio,

      Over the last two months I haven’t been able to listen to your programme via my Internet Radio. For some reason it does not stream any longer but I can listen to the radio via my mobile phone. Have checked with my service privider. They said to contact you for the problem. Kindly let me know the reason please.It is costly to listen via the mobile phone please advise. John Chekian Sydney, Australia.

      • Hello John, first of all thank you so much for the support!

        About 2 months ago, we switched hosting providers for the radio, we have a new ip address, which is

        You will also be able to listen through TUNE IN or shoutcast radio, just search for Armenian Pulse Radio.

        If I didn’t answer your question properly, please explain what you mean by “internet radio” and I will look into it some more in more detail to have your answer.

        Thank you so much

  2. Anahid B. says:

    I have been listening for two nights straight now its simply the best thank you soooooooo much

  3. Tina Momjyan says:

    can you play more of tata simonyan, i love the teselem song 🙂

  4. Benobel says:

    wow, im lovin this station

  5. vicky says:

    the greatest site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lucy Fanardzhyan says:

    Please play some of Harut Hagopian’s songs, I really like his new album.

  7. xxeess says:

    by the way guys, great job on the web site. looks great!!

  8. Theresa Krus says:

    John o callaghan is one of the best Trance Djs there are. Have you heared his new single? Its good

  9. Jess says:

    Love the Site….Listen to it all day at work and all day at home…Can we listen to more of Liana Faith New songs?? also her Huys Song is my Daughter’s Favorite Can we get more of Liana!…Thank You!!!

  10. Manushak says:

    Brilliant station. amazing tracks. keep up the great work, Pulse!

  11. Arto says:

    This is certainly a real superb radio station, you guys play the best armenian music… Many thanks!

  12. annette says:

    i never get my song requests on =(
    i have requested at least 3 songs and i waited for more than an hour and they never came on =(
    do you really take requests or do you like play what you want?
    anywaY you wanted my comments and you got them.
    i hope you try to really play the songs requested my fans.
    thank you

    • Hello Annette jan, First of all thank you so much for listening, we take song requests very
      seriously and we appreciate them but we don’t have a live DJ on for 24
      hours a day.

      We have a fine print by the requests form that reads CLICK HERE FOR INFO
      ABOUT THIS SERVICE and when you click on that it reads

      “The most requested songs will feature more frequently in the Armenian
      Pulse Radio rotation and make the Weekly Top 10 list”

      In some nights we do have a live DJ and every time a request comes in
      during LIVE SHOWS, we play it within 10 minutes, We are working hard to
      provide more LIVE SHOWS, specially during the daytime. Thank you again and
      hope you understand, just know that every request is read and requested
      songs are adjusted to play more frequent and make the top 10 weekly list
      and our PULSE 10 weekly show every Saturday night.

      kind regards

  13. Shishoyan says:

    I would love to have this radio station in my car
    and please don’t forget about the great armenian classic old songs.!
    Much love from Amsterdam!!

  14. Sara says:

    Hey guys, what are the conditions for having a song playing on the armenian radio? Thanks

  15. DAVO says:



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